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Welcome to Angry Roosters!

We're a small guild, made up of mostly friends who have played together for several years. We have high level raid experience, but are looking for a more relaxed atmosphere. If you're a arrogant, elitist, who's too good to be surrounded by people with lives (i.e. someone who takes - I don't know - maybe like 3 extra days to get geared?), then this isn't the place for you. If you want to relax, have fun, kill shit a couple times a week, and just enjoy the game, then we're looking for you!

Application page will be up soon. Until then, if you're interested in joining Angry Roosters, look for Sancho, Abrupt, or Shaiahni in game.
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Get To Work!

~Sancho~, Dec 22, 10 6:59 PM.
Will be starting Heroic farming groups soon. Also, do what you can get start working on the Guild's Experience. Don't forget your Daily Quests. Leveling Alts from 80-85 is a good way to build Guild Experience also. See an Officer for an Alt invite.
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Nesingwary (PvE)
We're looking for people of all classes / specs. Specifically, people who are not jackasses, know their class reasonably well, and are willing to work together to achieve whatever goals the guild establishes. Must be able to pay attention, take instructions (and criticism), and not be an ass.
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